Nutritional Therapy is a bio-individual approach to supporting the body through nutrition. We use the therapeutic effects of a natural, nutrient dense, whole foods diet to address specific health concerns. Nutritional Therapy looks at the body as a whole and addresses the source of health concerns rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Along with the traditional tools of a nutritionist; a food journal, initial interview form and a nutritional assessment questionnaire, we use a hands on functional evaluation and lingual-neural testing which gives us a better picture of what is actually going on in the body and what the body needs to heal.

We strive for optimal health, free of disease and ailments. Getting older is no longer a valid excuse for your body breaking down.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I work with clients who deal with all types of issues including fatigue, blood sugar regulation, joint pain, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, skin issues, weight gain / weight loss, hormonal imbalance, Anxiety / Depression and much more. I currently specialize in metabolic performance health.

I am located in Bozeman, MT but I work with clients all over the country remotely. Contact me for a free consultation or for more information.