img_5062Like many others in my profession, what sparked my interest in nutrition was personal health issues and the ability to improve through changing the foods I was eating. My health catalyst was skin issues and acne and unfortunately I tried conventional medicine first. I tried EVERYTHING; oral antibiotics, Accutane, topical retinoids, Proactive, and others. Nothing worked! It’s not like they didn’t have ANY effect… They made me depressed, fatigued, super sensitive to the sun (my hands were raw, blistered and my thumbnails fell off during soccer season), and caused underlying damage to my liver, gut, and I’m sure additional damage to my body I have yet to discover. Conventional medicine failed me like it has failed countless others. Not once did anyone want to discover why I was having acne in the first place. They just wrote prescriptions and sent me on my way.

Thankfully there is a better way to improve health and to address underlying health issues through nutrition!

My background is in finance and banking, but I’ve always had a foot in the health and fitness industry. I worked part-time at fitness centers for years, partly for a free membership… but mostly to be in the amazing environment where you get to be a part of people trying to better their health and their lives. From those experiences, I knew I needed to jump in with both feet and joyfully leave the monotonous world of finance behind forever.

Nutritional Therapy is so important to me because I’ve seen first hand how it can transform health and quality of life. Once you get your body into optimal health condition, there is nothing stopping you to live life to it’s fullest!